The Sleeper Guise


Silver 925, Gold 14 K, synthetic opals.

Dimensions: 25 x 15 cm.

Processing time: Made by order. 6 weeks if the Sleeper Guise is out of stock.

3D – modeled, printed, cast, hand-finished, and stone set.


Product Description

The Swarm Collection is a collection of 24 magical jewels. When all the parts of the right pieces are gathered together, they create an amulet – or summon an envoy.

An amulet is a vessel for channeling energy from another dimension.
An envoy is an embodiment of hidden power.

The Underworld Envoy – series contains three guises in Anton Leivos Swarm Collection. The Sleeper Guise is one of these pieces for summoning an Underworld Envoy. The Sleeper is the Envoy of subconsciousness.

The mood for this collection is set from a story about a descent into a dark shadowy world of imagination; an escape into the subconscious, an exciting journey through the unknown.





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