The Mask of Solo


Silver 925, synthetic ruby, black spinel.

Dimensions: 53 x 3 cm.

Processing time: Made by order. 8 weeks if the Mask of Solo is out of stock.

3D–modeled, printed, cast, hand-finished, and stone set.



1 in stock

1 in stock

Product Description

The Amulet of Solo—confidence, spontaneity, and independence.

Created in the image of a fly—eccentric, unpredictable, and independent. Red, black, and oxidized silver. A powerful look for a bold style. “The Lord of the Flies” shines bright and far. With eyes reflecting red fire and made from hundreds of gems, the Mask of Solo has the spirit of uncompromising freedom. A necklace of glimmering fireflies that dazzle in the darkness.

It is a way to express and show determination, individuality, and personal liberty. Empower your inner explorer, let go and let the fly guide you.






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