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SWARM Collection

The Swarm collection was born from imagination, creativity, joy, and curiosity.

Jewelry by jewelry the collection flies out into the world like a swarm of bees collecting nectar.

It is a collection of 24 magical jewels. Nether Masks, Underworld Guises, Solum Rings, Link Earrings, and Irons Bracelets.

The collection’s mood is one of magic, mystery, and experimentation.

Masks and Guises

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Solum Rings

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Link Earrings

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Irons Bracelets

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Are you in the mood for a transformation?


An elegant insect brooch made from precious metals is a solid choice for a statement.


Are you looking for individuality? We have what you need.


The collection’s mood is originality, curiosity, and innovation.

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DRIP Collection

The sun is shining

The wind is blowing

A stream is pouring over

Summer is hot

Jewelry is melting

The Drip collection’s mood is passionate, splashy, and intense.

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seasons minimal Collection


The Seasons Minimal Collection offers modern and minimalistic jewelry in shimmering colors.

The Seasons collection brings out vibrant energy with season-themed designs to choose from.

The collection’s mood is energetic, playful, and colorful.

Trophies Collection


Nature is in constant motion, whether kinetic or static.

The Trophies collection embodies this movement with playful and stylish animals. Here, art imitates nature.

The mood of the collection is versatile, agile, and innocent.


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