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SWARM Collection

The Swarm Collection is composed of 24 different magical jewels. When four right
pieces swarm together, they create an amulet or summon an envoy.

An amulet is a vessel for channelling energy from another dimension.
An envoy is an embodiment of hidden power.

The mood for this collection is set from a story about a descent
into a dark shadowy world of imagination.

Neck pieces

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Are you in the mood for a statement?

Underground Collection is for confident, independent, and eccentric
personalities with a clear message.

The search is over. The mundane is dead.

An elegant insect made from precious metals
is a solid choice for a statement.

Trophies Collection

The Trophies collection is about movement and motion –
it can be static or kinetic, but nature is always moving.

Trophies are a playful and stylish collection created to illustrate
movement with different animals. Here art imitates nature.

The Trophies collection offers a calm and collected mood
for anyone who enjoys nature.

seasons minimal Collection

Playful, Bright, Fun, and Easy.

Seasons Minimal Collection offers modern and minimalistic jewellery pieces
with different colourful synthetic opals.

Enjoy this collection in the more energetic style of the Mood Palace.

DRIP Collection

The sun is shining. A drink in a glass full of ice. A warm wind is blowing.
Ice cream is dripping over. A stream is flowing.
Summer is hot. Jewellery is melting.
The Drip collection offers different Drips with colourful synthetic opals.
The Mood is Hot. Our jewellery is literally melting.